Online Course

Handouts of the online course
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Lecture 1 The Writing Process
Lecture 2 The Writing Process
Lecture 3 Working with Questions
Lecture 4 Story Lines Intro and Disc
Lecture 5 Topic – Key – Paragraph structure
Lecture 6 Cohesion
Lecture 7 The Passive Voice
Lecture 8 Sentence Length

Instruction for use of The Question Tool
Question Tool Introduction
Question Tool Discussion
Transitional words and sentence starters

Course Materials
Moves and Useful Phrases- books and websites
PDF Tools of Cohesion
Tools for cohesion Worksheet
Tools for cohesion Answer key
Passive voice explanation
3.2-3.3. The topic sentence
3.4 Find the Point Worksheet
Article Dynamic-spread-of-happiness
Keep it short and simple
Keep it short and simple Answer Key
Noun or verb Answer Key