Online Course

Handouts of the online course
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Lecture 1 The Writing Process
Lecture 2 The Writing Process
Lecture 3 Working with Questions
Lecture 4 Story Lines Intro and Disc
Lecture 5 Topic – Key – Paragraph structure
Lecture 6 Cohesion
Lecture 7 The Passive Voice
Lecture 8 Sentence Length

Instruction for use of The Question Tool
Question Tool Introduction
Question Tool Discussion
Transitional words and sentence starters

Course Materials
Moves and Useful Phrases- books and websites
PDF Tools of Cohesion
Tools for cohesion Worksheet
Tools for cohesion Answer key
Passive voice explanation
The topic sentence
Find the Point Worksheet
Answer Key Find the Point
Article Dynamic-spread-of-happiness
Paragraph structure- FAQs
Keep it short and simple
Keep it short and simple Answer Key
Noun or verb Answer Key
Checklist Abstract by Patrick Dunleavy
1. Summary and examples Paragraph shapes
2. FAQs about Pyramid, Funnel & Diamond