Online Course

The online course comes in a choice of arrangements, see below.

Try out Module 1 for free Enrollment
To give you a feel of how the course works, you can take Module 1 (The writing process) for free. Please ask for login credentials by sending me a message (Annemarie: With your login credentials, you have immediate access.
The individual route  –  €  150 Enrollment
In this arrangement, you work on your own, there is no group. The 8 modules of the course can be accessible from the start, or it can be arranged that a new module opens every week to help you in keeping a steady pace. There is no teacher involvement or feedback.  You can start at any time, and the platform stays available for at least one year. Ask for login credentials by sending me a message (Annemarie: After logging in, you can buy your subscription via the Ideal or credit card button. You have immediate access.

An invoice will be mailed out to you.


With one or more peers  –  € 150 pp Enrollment
This arrangement has the great advantage of learning from your peers. In a strict schedule, you will give and receive peer feedback on texts. The sharing of tips and tricks at the platform will boost your confidence and support your writing process. The arrangement is tailored to small groups (max 6). Every week, a new module opens with weekly deadlines. This arrangement offers no teacher involvement or feedback. You can start at any time, and the learning environment stays available for at least one year. Please send me a message (Annemarie: with the list of participants and their e-mail addresses. Every participant will receive login credentials. After the log-in, access can be bought via Ideal or a credit card button.

Separate invoices will be mailed out to every participant.


Group course with teacher feedback – €  400 pp Enrollment
Here, you work in a group with a maximum of 12 peers under the guidance of Annemarie. We start at a set date. The weekly deadlines are at Sunday midnight. Annemarie monitors your progress, contributes to discussions, answers questions, and provides detailed teacher feedback. You will also give and receive peer feedback and contribute to group discussions. Please send me a message (Annemarie: or call 06 22 499 397, so we can discuss the details, and I can set up a tailored learning environment for you.



Extras for all arrangements
PDF’s of the course’s workbook and the textbook that is used in the course will be mailed out to you after enrollment. Also, you will be invited to attend Shut Up and Write sessions (Utrecht or Amsterdam) during which you can work on your paper in a shared concentration bubble. Afterward, you can meet other participants and receive teacher feedback upon request (no cost).

























Instruction for use of The Question Tool
Question Tool Introduction
Question Tool Discussion
Transitional words and sentence starters

Course Materials
Moves and Useful Phrases- books and websites
PDF Tools of Cohesion
Tools for cohesion Worksheet
Tools for cohesion Answer key
Passive voice explanation
The topic sentence
Find the Point Worksheet
Answer Key Find the Point
Article Dynamic-spread-of-happiness
Paragraph structure- FAQs
Keep it short and simple
Keep it short and simple Answer Key
Noun or verb Answer Key
Checklist Abstract by Patrick Dunleavy
1. Summary and examples Paragraph shapes
2. FAQs about Pyramid, Funnel & Diamond

High impact journals about the active voice