1. WRITE SOON!    Watch this inspiring video with a lecture from Professor Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research.   Seven simple suggestions: don’t wait – write, identify your key idea, tell a story, nail your contributions, put related work at the end, put your readers first, listen to your readers.

2. George Whitesides, a chemistry professor at Cambridge, US, answers 7 questions about writing a paper:

  1. What advice to give to someone who is authoring an article?
  2. If you start writing the article at the same time you start your research, is there a danger you will bias your results?
  3. How do your students handle your approach of writing while you research?
  4. How many drafts does each paper undergo? Do your paper undergo an internal review?
  5. How do new technologies help scientists communicate their work?
  6. Do authors need to be thinking of marketing their articles?
  7. How concerned should I be about the title and abstract of my paper?

Helen Sword gives her opinion on the stylishness of academic writing. What do you think?

4. THE SENSE OF STYLE: Steven Pinker gives an overview of the content of his book.

5.  LESS IS MORE: that is Kristin Sainani’s message in this short but instructive video from ACS Webinars: Cut unnecessary words.

6.  ZOMBIE NOUNS   Helen Sword gives you a lesson on Zombie Nouns. Beware!

From the Writing Center University of Colorado


8. Animation about how to create an outline for your paper.

9. Kristin Sainani (Writing in the Sciences; Coursera) about the Methods Section.

10. Kristin Sainani (Writing in the Sciences; Coursera) about tables and figures. 

11. Kristin Sainani (Writing in the Sciences; Coursera) about writing the Results section. 

A course in data visualization:

A plot tells a thousand words






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